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Furry Fandom

People say I've always been a furry. I've always found myself dressing as a cute little animal, roleplaying as them, drawing them, playing games about them. No matter how many humanoids I'd play in games or roleplay as, I'd always eventually return to the role of some brightly-colored critter.
I joined furry proper in high school and have found myself in love with the world(s) it opened up to me. Now I own fursuits, go to furry conventions, meetup with others, and just as I had before- roleplay animals and draw animals.
I sometimes study our history, as I do, and treasure all the fun I have in this fandom.

What is furry?
Furry isn't much beyond liking (mostly) antropromorphic animals. It originated from those who enjoyed shows like Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, etc. and liked the concept of animals who lived their own, human-like lives.
You don't have to suit, you don't have to draw them, you just have to like the concept.
Furry also blossomed out of the LGBT+ community in the 1970s, seeking ways to be themselves without being censored or ostracized. Furry has roots in kink as well (as the LGBT+ community as a whole does) and thus a good chunk of its content is adult, but most of the fandom is perfectly minor-friendly. Furry, modernly, is still a major offshoot of LGBT+ (with approx. 80% of furries being LGBT+ in some manner), and has also become a comfort for many disabled people who similarly seek safety and welcome away from hate.

Check out the links below for info and more on all things furry!

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