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My Fursuits

Firefox Snakebite

My primary suit! Firefox is my fursona. She is a red panda mercenary and airship mechanic who lives on the island of Forge in the planet Outcastia.
Suit Maker: Kawaiimono Fursuits
Type: Half-toony half-kemono, plantigrade, fullsuit
Features: Follow-me eyes, two interchangable tails, outdoor feetpaws
Debut: FWA 2022

Xeo Tanaka

The first suit I've ever owned and made! Xeo, formerly just X, is a species of experiment called a Zeta, and he lives in the Spies Unite Headquarters in my old Spies Unite universe.
He is physically painful to wear due to the sheer size of his head, and with Firefox I likely won't wear him nearly as much as I used to. One day he may get a refurb though.
Suit Maker: me!
Type: Partial, head, armpaws, and tail only
Features: Massive head, built-in fan pocket, beach ball tail
Debut: MCC 2019

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