Angel's Medical Journal

My journal for all things related to my medical experiences. Being chronically ill sucks, man.


Annual Visit

Jun 12, 2023

Feelin' a ton better after purging a lot of backup. All the pain related to constipation is gone, but now I'm stuck with the sharp pain sites on my lower abdomen. My antibiotics are in- they're these HUGE pills, so we'll see if that clears any of it up. It's probably not an infection, knowing what I know now, but may as well be safe than sorry. I alllways show inflammatory markers, that's just undiagnosed immune disorder baby!!!

My annual with my GP brought to light some potential causes the ER didn't. I had massive high levels of... something important in the digestive area, which the ER failed to tell me. Turns out it's PROBABLY my gallbladder having issues, maybe causing a backup into my pancreas and thus making my whoooole lower digestives unhappy. My colon is fucking PISSED but when is it not? I've got IBS, that thing always hurts.

My veins are having a shitty time behaving with the phlebotomists though. Normally they're great, but since my second ER visit they've been difficult. They had to stab me lower down on the arm than normal, and it was one of the worst draws I've had yet, suuuper woozy. They broke a vessel too, I have a bruise.

Visit to the OBGYN is next, and my GP wants ultrasounds to rule out my ovaries being bastards. Part of me hopes it's them so I can get them removed, they're all cystic anyway. Also he may be able to get a glance at the pancreas and gallbladder with them. One week after that, I have ANOTHER normal ultrasound to check on the gallbladder. If things come to it and something shows, I'll most likely have this thing removed.

Another family history point, I guess, misbehaving gallbladders. I'm a little more predisposed than my abuela was though.

My GP's awesome though, and let's hope he's right.

ER Visit 2

Jun 8, 2023

After eating a little in the morning I immediately had the worst pain yet. I attempted to take a hydrocodone for it and immediately coughed it up. Trying again, I threw it up as well as a lot of the water I'd just drank. Begged my mom to take me back to the ER, but I had to wait till my abuela's appointment with the nurse was through- she ran an hour late. I curled up in my bed and suffered- lower back pain, dizziness, stomachache, with all the previous symptoms from before. I was miserable.

ER was very populated and we waited another 5-6 hours to get called back. Presented with a resting heart rate of 130 BPM, higher than even my normal tachycardia rhythm. Nearly passed out in the lobby after, breaking out in a massive cold sweat.

Felt better after a nap, but was starving. We waited... and waited...

Finally got called back at around midnight. Xray showed constipation, urinanalysis showed an infection. They gave me morphine again, and despite me saying it did nothing for me and the nurse saying it wouldn't burn because he diluted it... it still burned, and it still did nothing.

It's assumed it's just really bad constipation. Prescribed antibiotics and a strict regiment of powerful laxatives... They make the visocity of water horrible, but my mom and I figured mixing them into smoothies may take away the issue. We'll try tomorrow.

Hopefully this is the issue and it's not just another misdiagnosis. If I need to go back, we're gonna try a hospital more close to the city...

ER Visit Updates

Jun 7, 2023

Got rushed to the ER on the 4th for severe abdominal pain. Probably something PCOS related but they found nothing. I was dehydrated even after they pumped an entire bag of saline into me and I've been dehydrated ever since. Nothing quenches it.

Blood tests, urinalysis, and a CT scan showed nothing. Everything looked fine, as always. Medical staff were stumped again. So after filling me with saline, zofran, morphine (which I don't respond to, turns out), and eventually hydrocodone-acetaminophen, I was sent home with a hydrocodone-acetaminophen prescription. But heyyy I still got good veins I guess, but it doesn't stop me from bleeding like a motherfucker every time they stab me to get in there.

Three days later and I still feel like shit. I cannot physically go downstairs and leaving my room is difficult as is as I've gotten dizzy lately. Opiates get rid of most of the pain, not all of it, but it also makes me super dazed, tired, and sometimes incoherent (that's also the exhaustion). My sleep is super fucked and I'm on a pattern where I'm really only asleep when the drugs knock me out.

Shit hurts. It's since morphed into a sharp pain in my lower left side with a smaller spot of sharp pain on the right. The first day using the restroom nearly made me faint each time.

I'm genuinely surprised and mildly upset that I wasn't brought into inpatient for monitoring. Admittedly I should probably go back because I'm not improving. It's just a matter of getting my mom to listen to me because she's the one who drives. But she wants me to wait two more days or something.