01:04 PM NG Time

Wait a minute... Who ARE you?
Hi! Former NG players will probably know me as user FuzzyWish, a younger player who hung around NG starting in around 2011, maybe 2010. I dunno, it's been a long time, and I'm not gonna bother digging through my dA for answers. Nowadays, I go by Angel. If you're a former NG user who stumbled upon this site, hi, it's good to see you again!

NG was my first major loss of a website and it struck me rather hard. It's true I hadn't spent very long on NG compared to others, but it felt like much longer than it was. I developed a deep bond with the site and it was one of my major special interests as a kid.

Nowadays, NG remains a special interest, but I focus more on the preservation of its legacy. I'm rather inconsistent, though, so my fixation on it will fall on-and-off as I work on other projects.

What did I do on NG?
Not much, actually. I wasn't a major player until 2012, really. However, I ran one of the largest and most active roleplays on the site, focusing on my own mercs (Fuzzy and Survival) and their band of renegade friends (other roleplayer's mercs) in a post-apocalyptic scenario, wanted by the law and focusing on vigilante justice and solving mysteries. My daily playing of NG though quickly made me a recognizable member in the chatbox. I'm even captured on one of Wayback's snapshots of the site- the chatbox of this page is that captured conversation.

During Prom 2012, I managed to appear in the event's recap book, having solved a major piece of the event's puzzle. Don't ask me what it was, I don't remember either. I just know I did a thing that was noteworthy.
The most I became involved in NG, and the highlight of my time there, was the Legendary Egg Event, where I was one of a few users who rallied Team Red (or Team Rouge, as we called ourselves) together. I created our forum thread and was a major driving force of Team Rouge. Our team was the smallest and started out very poorly in the rankings, but with good coordination and incredible communication, as well as help from the NPC Luptan, we pushed back against the biggest team and our primary rival- Team Blue- and scored Second Place during the event.

Who were your pets?
I had the max amount of pets. A Grey Devolved Fweese named Secretshadow (whom I intended to Shadow Enchant when it was to be released- of course, this never came, no matter how much it was teased), a Water Enchanted Veodion whom I can't recall the original name of, a Dragonoga I had intended to Nature Enchant, and a Blue(?) Yarrl, if I recall correctly.

[Gem AccountMistWing] Hey Fuzzy... you mind going to the ball RP?
[UserPrettymimigirl] Bye guys be back on in a little bit maybe
[UserPrettymimigirl] No wait this is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oawUi9s3ENE
[UserPrettymimigirl] Best part eva
[UserPrettymimigirl] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxbgrmsrUV4
[UserFuzzyWish] Okay, idea's been thrown out the window. ._.
[UserMysteria18] That's awesome
[UserFuzzyWish] LAST CALLS.
[UserFuzzyWish] Good. :3
[UserFuzzyWish] Going three times.
[UserMysteria18] Hey fuzz haw have u been
[UserFuzzyWish] Going twice.
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