01:04 PM NG Time

Needed: Proper images and information on the Activity and Special Shops.

Cash Shop

Donation Shop


Activity Shop

Petal Pub

Icklepet Center

Clothing Mall

Mystika's Shop

Battle Goods

Toys 'R' Fuz


Special Shop


Vending Machine


Independent Music


Buck's Star

Java Lava

Myxx's Mixes

Player Shops

Gem Account [Assanation] I have a new MR goal.:U Mysterious Celtic Box. o.o Time to sell out my gallery.
User [ChouAiko] They are very well dressed mercs.
Gem Account [Day] 8) Ah well thanks for the advice
Gem Account [Derryn] All my mercs are dressed for xmas :D Ludolf is dressed as the star on top of the tree~
Gem Account [Derryn] Buuuut I havent seen one for sale in ages. u.u; They're hard to find.
User [Peyelle] i guess this mean fausto and sadiki are sticking with their current hairstyles. u_u
Gem Account [Assanation] Same, uncle.o.o I sent in a Help ticket.
Gem Account [Derryn] Quite a lot. :I I would imagine you could get one for perhaps a MR set depending on who is selling
User [Peyelle] ..... the hair salon is broken for me.
User [ChouAiko] Hmm.
Gem Account [Day] D: Ah okay, if i'm trying to get ahold of one what do they usually sell for?
Gem Account [Derryn] Nope, sorry Day. They were given out from the starling event in november last year