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Did you know NeuroGalaxy was also a sister site to PokePlushies, not just Subeta? Neither did I! Turns out two former NG staff members made it.
I'm digging through the gold mine that is the NeuroGalaxy updates page archive again, finding items that slipped through the cracks. Expect more additions soon!

Posted by Angel on 05/02/23, 11:32 PM.

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Looks like I'm on a kick! The Amythia page is here!

Posted by Angel on 02/02/23, 12:16 PM.

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Oops, looks like a few icklepets slipped my grasp, and I didn't get them all! I bet a few more are still hidden in Wayback.
For now, Icklepets has a few more new additions.

Posted by Angel on 02/02/23, 10:25 AM.

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The Icklepets page is now as complete as I can get it, containing all recovered icklepets from our collection efforts!
Man... NeuroGalaxy turns 20 19 (EDIT: In a 2005 update the birthday is Dec 26, 2004, but on some versions of the site the copyright begins in 2003. Huh!) this year. I just have to find out what month it was made. (EDIT: December, though it first appeared in October.)

Posted by Angel on 02/02/23, 12:17 AM.

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Happy New Year! Decided update pages will be split by year. This marks the start of the 2023 updates!
You can scroll down to the bottom of these update pages to see other years' updates.

Posted by Angel on 08/01/23, 05:53 PM.

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