1. Wings of Fire - Fantasy Novel Series - Currently three arcs (and then some) long. Follow several groups of young dragons as they fight against a multitude of evils.

  2. The Amberlough Dossier - Historical Fict. Romance Thriller Trilogy - A gay spy novel trilogy about overthrowing a rising facist government and protecting those you love.

  3. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye - Sci-Fi Comic - The best piece of Transformers media. Join the crew of the Lost Light on their (very gay and very gory) adventures.

  4. Transformers: Lost Light - Sci-Fi Comic - Sequel to More Than Meets The Eye, but gayer and with more magic bullshit.

  5. Landmark - Alt. Hist. Sci-Fi Comic - A Native futurism comic where robots lived alongside humans since the dawn of automatons and colonization never happened.

  6. Sparklecare Hospital - Fantasy Social Commentary Comic - Beyond all the bright colors and happy faces, Sparklecare Hospital hides horrific, gory secrets.

  7. REDUX - Sci-Fi Fantasy Comic - Someone has to maintain reality, and behind it all is Thread Management. With so much power, corruption abounds... Unless Z and their friends can stop it.

  8. PMD: Ginji's Rescue Team - Fantasy Manga - Ginji, once a human, has turned into a Torchic. Alongside his buddy Mudkip, can his Rescue Team save the Pokemon world?

  9. Viral Nation - Post-Apoc Sci-Fi Trilogy - Autistic kid Clover has lived her whole life in a devastated world ruled by The Company. She's about to uncover its secrets... via time travel!

  10. HaikaraWalker - Sci-Fi Artbook - The official artbook for Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion! Every detail and secret of the Octo Expansion's development and story. (Japanese only)

  11. Preeny Has to Repeat 6th Grade - Fantasy Comic - In a world of sparklefurs, an evil force is sapping the energy of citizens. But 6th grader cat Preeny has the power to stop it!

  12. His Dark Materials - Fantasy Social Commentary Trilogy - An alternate world where humans are born with animal companions that are essentially their souls called "daemons".

  13. Linkage - Sci-Fi Minicomic - The Super Stunt Team crashland on Earth in the middle of the Decepticon-Autobot War, fighting for their lives and the lives of all other Mini-Cons.

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