Dead-Tired Fish


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FULL NAME Mizuta Ahato
AGE Early-to-mid 20s
PRONOUNS she/it/sani
SPECIES Octoling (Sanitized)
INK COLOR Sanitized Gel
THEME #8 regret
CODE splatoon by owlhari

the doctor know the sleep is important and gives us the sleep

hi. i'm dedf1sh. or just f1sh . or mizuta
i commit music crimes and cant type for shit. 88% typos
im the lucky 8th member of angels funny system
i dont relaly do anything. i just like medical stuff
keeper of disease(tm)
i loooove cq thi s is a cq hate-free zone


more later mamybe

Kensa Splat Roller
Studio Headphones
Annaki Red Cuff
Null Boots Replica