saturn's home

hey there! im saturn!
im a homestuck oc fictive and kin! i like cute things. i love collecting graphics!
she/her aroace
this page is a wip!

so, what are you all about?

i'm the daughter of agents mobius trip and hadron kaleido, two vague yet canon characters only featured in homestuck's music!
i spearhead a lot of the knowledge and headcanon of these two and it's made us one of the biggest players in the mtahk subfandom. if you dig into it, you will probably run into our work!

i'm just a pretty simple person, despite being rather special in my canon. mtahk were human dreamers who knew each other since childhood in my verse, who lost focus on the game and instead joined the moons as archagent and agent respectively. their whole existence is problematic in moon politics, and without the influence of the carapacian code, they rebelled upon reunion. with the abilities afforded to players, they went on to solve the ultimate riddle and remained huge players in moon politics.
it makes me the first prospitian-dersite hybrid, despite being human, as mtahk were honorary and considered carapacian. i was the source of a lot of uproar in my canon. i'm seen as an exact 50/50 combination of my parents, living in their legacy, and being a progressive rebel who helped a lot of people in my adult years, with the influence afforded to me from my birth.

but confusing canon aside, i'm an artist and violinist. i'm completely colorblind (host/body is not) but have a soft spot for pastels.

what's your role in system?

i'm the 3rd headmate of the system, and a major one! i'm not of any kind of special role though, i just sorta hang around and am one of the few who consistently fronts. i age regress the most i guess?
i work alongside credence a lot, forming a power duo!

what do you like?

  • my little pony
  • care bears
  • little twin stars
  • neopets
  • littlest pet shop
  • decora
  • lolita fashion
  • webkinz
  • fairy kei
  • animal crossing
  • zoobles
  • mamegoma
  • anything cute and pastel
  • ¬©repth