1. Off the Grid - Dark Sci-Fi Stop Motion - Sheriff Striker embarks on a journey to stop what is killing the citizens of his city, and discovers much more than he'd bargained for.

  2. Puppet History - Educational Comedy - A cute show where a puppet named The Professor teaches 2 guests about history! And nothing goes wrong... we promise.

  3. Mianite: Season 2 - Fantasy Roleplay Minecraft Series - The best of the series. 4 heroes fall into a strange world, prophesized to save it, guided by 3 sibling gods.

  4. Warrior Cats Animated - Abridged Fantasy Book Adaptation - Perfectly normal abridged animated Warrior Cats.

  5. Spirit Rangers - Fantasy Cartoon - A celebration of Native culture. Siblings Kodi, Summer, and Eddy must protect the Xus National Park, in more ways than one!

  6. MLP: A New Generation - Fantasy Movie - Since they lost all magic, ponykind has been divided and isolated. Fear and hatred run rampant. One pony seeks to change that.

  7. MLP: Make Your Mark - Fantasy Cartoon - With change comes growing pains. Though the pony species are reunited, magic is faltering, and a villain lurks in the shadows.

  8. Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot - Fantasy Cartoon - Follow the daily lives of the Care Bears as they solve issues at their home in the clouds.

  9. MLP: A Charming Birthday - Fantasy Movie - It's Kimono's birthday, but Razzaroo doesn't know how to surprise her!

  10. MLP: Friends Are Never Far Away - Fantasy Movie - Pegasi have been isolated for so long they're scared of meeting other ponies. Skywishes tries her best to get them to warm up.

  11. MLP: A Very Minty Christmas - Fantasy Holiday Movie - It's Christmas in Ponyville, and all is great until Minty breaks the Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane.

  12. MLP: The Princess Promenade - Fantasy Movie - A legend dictates whoever touches the magic flower becomes a princess, but Wysteria didn't sign up for this...

  13. MLP: The Runaway Rainbow - Fantasy Movie - The unicorn princesses of Unicornia need to make the first rainbow of the year, but their youngest member has gone missing.

  14. My Little Pony: Come Back, Lily Lightly - Fantasy Movie - Lily Lightly feels outcast after her horn starts to mysteriously glow.

  15. My Little Pony: Two For The Sky - Fantasy Movie - Star Flight and Heart Bright wish they could fly. They're surprised when they wake up with wings.

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