Welcome to the Deepsea Metro. We hope you enjoy your stay.
We are a webring dedicated to Splatoon kins, fictives, and other forms of alterhumanity.
Click MAP at the top to view the Metro map (our members list).

Members of our ring are located at different stations around the Metro, sorted by line.
These stations don't actually mean anything, and are just for funsies. You can pick whichever you want to be in, and more than one site can be in the same station.

Member Rules

- To join, you must be a Splatoon kin, fictive, or another form of alterhumanity.
- Your site cannot be rated any higher than Web MA. This means no heavy amounts of sexual content, and nudity/gore/sexual content that your site DOES have must have appropriate warnings.
- Hate speech, LGBT+ and system exclusionism, cultural appropriation, etc. is NOT allowed. Members found to participate in these will be removed from the webring.
- No social medias or Carrds! This is for websites only. They don't have to be hosted on Neocities, though.

How to Join

To join the ring, please complete this form.
When you're accepted, you'll be reached out to on your Neocities profile page (if it's visible), and you can add the webring code to your site!
(If your profile isn't visible, you can check the "MAP" page to see if you've been accepted. If you're there, you're good to go!)

We're you're accepted, paste this code where you want the ring widget to be on your site:

Octopus pixels used for arrows are by Inkposting.