Sorted by generation.
Most are hosted by me, but some are hosted by others elsewhere due to uploading issues I had.
If a game doesn't initially work, try refreshing the page, or try right-clicking the game and pressing "Play".
Feel free to download these for yourself! They're all archived via Internet Archive as well.
If you're a fan of the audio in these games, I've extracted a good number of their MP3s as well.
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Generation 3

Friendship Ball
My Little Pony Amusement Park / Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park (a smidge broken, oops)
Create Your Own Tiara (a smidge broken, oops)
Rainbow Dash's Glamorous Tea Party
Holiday Ponies Coloring Book
Matching Game
Dance Studio
Party Time Coloring Book
Pony Jigsaw
Ponyville Forever
Pony World (this was one of the former homepages for the MLP site)
Dress-up Rainbow Dash (likely the buggiest of them all, try the two alternatives?)
Party in Ponyville (Archive)
Butterfly Island Adventure Game (Archive)

Generation 3.5

Starsong's Dance Studio
Matching Game
Family Scrapbook

Generation 4

Pony POP Maker
Adventures in Ponyville


Knockoff games I found interesting enough to put here.

Dress Little Pony
Make-a-pony. Features actual and drawn-over assets. Oh, and actual music from the actual games!
Little Pony Escape
Point-and-click where you save poorly drawn-over Lily Lightly from a house...?
The houses are also drawn-over. I dunno. I haven't been able to solve this game at all.
My Little Pony Game
Make-a-pony. Features drawn-over and actual assets.
Unicorn Online Coloring Game
Color a traced-over version of a G1 coloring page!
Unicorn Cuties Dressup
Though I can't seem to actually play it (let me know if you can, and if so how you did manage to), this is here because it's an interesting combination between actual and drawn-over G3 and 3.5 assets.