An Introduction

Mousekeeping is the fine art of, uh, keeping mice.
Mice don't really get a lot of spotlight when it comes to being pets, and how to care for them is often unknown. It gets left to us existing mouse owners to inform others how to care for their pets, and what they can do for them to lead happy, healthy lives.

I'm a hobbyist mousekeeper who has owned mice for over 7 years! I treasure these little critters.
Sadly I find information on them is scattered at best, so I've compiled all my sources and information on the care of these guys here!
Please note I am not by any means an expert, nor am I the best mousekeeper. This is just a collection of things I've learned and things I find and use.

Mice are NOT beginner or easy pets. They are classified as "exotics" (though I hate the exotic label) so their care is tricky. Mice should never be first pets, and their care is best left to adults. If you're looking to get a mouse, please keep this in mind.